Thursday, April 21, 2011

writing timeline

Having coffee with Kathy this morning cleared out my thoughts of work and worry. Instead, within those few hours - we replaced those worried brows with laughter in Lowes while we hauled six boxes of ceramic tile for Mickey. We talked about our fav counselor and how incredibly strict she forces us to be with our thoughts and actions. We sipped coffee and ate glutten free pretzels while catching up on cheerleading, wedding memories, our mothers, flippers, acrylic nails, our cats, and most everything else imaginable.

Within those hours of bliss, her final parting thought was, "So whats the timeline on this writing?" Ok, back to reality.

My timeline is...
Chapter 1 finished by April 30
Chapter 3 finished by May 30
IRG over the summer
Chapter 2 concurrently over the summer
Research in September
Chapter 4 in October
Chapter 5 in November
Christmas in December (heehee)
Defend in January
Graduate in May