Tuesday, April 26, 2011

have you ever....

Have you ever had a BFF that makes you want to be the best person that you have the potential to be? That BFF that holds you to a standard that they know you are capable of - being bigger and better than you ever thought imaginable? That BFF that holds you accountable to be authentic to your words and intentions? That BFF who bitches you out when you stray from your work that will create new opportunities?

Well.... I have one.

She is funny, succint, sly, and crazy intelligent.

Our standard of winning at "Words with Friends" is to beat her.

She loves music, even with lots o' guitars and she aint afraid to play it!

My BFF listens to my hopes and big dreams then holds my feet to the fire to make the step to get there. She loves Nate as much as I and sees the good that he brings to my life.

How did I find her? She wondered into my life without any preconceived idea of how much havoc I would raise and how I would drive her crazy several times a day!

She blindly allowed me into her family circle to eat turkey and stuffing at all of her holiday dinners. I know that I am a forever BFF because her mom just said I was her "adopted daughter." How did that family know that I needed someone to love me just for being me, quirky and silly as I am? Well.... I am in good company! Because they are even more authentic and genuine that I would have ever imagined! Just as I like it!

Cheers to BFFs and all that entails.