Sunday, March 11, 2012

a day of FIRSTS

First cut board with my new miter saw
First day since Nate left - that Ihaven't heard from him
First time parking at the last parking space in the lot and walking to the store
First time buying a size zero jeans... for elizabeth
First time I asked for a 2nd serving of soup at Olive Garden
First time I cried being in Krogers healthy market without Nate, doesn't seem right
First time painting in jeans and not getting paint everywhere
First sunny day to walk with two good friends

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A sneek peek

I am in the middle of a total kitchen remodel.

Yep, as crazy and messy as that is - that would be me.

Nate and I were doing most of the work ourselves, but since that duo has become a solo, I am getting some help and still doing some on my own.

Upcoming - Tuesday electrician updating outlets and install new switches

Thursday counter top and sink coming (two weeks without a sink, gross)

Friday handy man friend to help me with the bedboard and cabinet trim

Next week sand cabinets and paint primer and paint and sand and paint

But... I have one little bright spot in kitchen

All of the beautiful whole foods will have to be taken down before Monday, but this weekend I am really enjoying this one finished spot of the kitchen. ahhhhhh.

Friday, March 9, 2012

ahhhh.... a sunny Friday

It's been a long week. Work for a couple of days has been crazy busy as I try to fit everything into a few days in the office. Elizabeth's schedule of school, homework, dance and projects seem never ending. Several busy evenings with the boys to do homework, to read books and to play outside. Nate spending several days packing and trying to finish up all loose ends has been full of stress and sadness.

Yet, it's now Friday and the sun has come out again.

The four of us came home, Chance immediately grabbed my phone to play a game, Elizabeth went upstairs to put away her school things and Jake grabbed a book and began to read it on the couch. And I sat down just to take it all in.... in the sunshine.

Things that I am not looking at...

the construction mess in the kitchen

the pile of shoes by the door

the jackets all left on the couch

last night's popcorn bowl still out

or the two days of newspapers unopened

Instead I choose to relax in the Friday sunshine.

Monday, March 5, 2012

while. we. were. waiting.

Deployment is within 48 hours.

So while we were waiting for this....

nate was packing and looking hot doing this....

I was doing this...

and this....

two rooms almost done - only 6 more to go

Nate is heading to that purple country in the map above - only 5 more months to go

Sunday, March 4, 2012

August 12, 2012

Things to Do Checklist

_____ Get Elizabeth high school backpack or whatever a high schooler carries
_____ Help Nate unpack his deployment bag - put the camo away with a smile
_____ Water tomato plants the kids planted
_____ Crazy celebrate my doctorate with friends and family
_____ Look for new house with the hubs
_____ find Chance a WV map, since 4th grade is WV studies
_____ pick up E fromSt Francis where she is volunteering
_____ Get Jake new school jeans because he has grown so much over the summer
_____ pack up the rental we are in since we sold our house so fast in April
_____ remind the kids to wear sun screen
_____ iron the Elevator shirts because Nate is back on the job
_____ finish my syllabi for the fall semester
_____ camp gear ready for our first summer camp out
_____ love first, ask questions later

Friday, March 2, 2012

action at the hood

Coffee and a California Sunset magaine - both delivered right to my bed!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just as described

Nate and I meet... wait for it.... ONLINE in October of 2008.

I used to be embarrassed that I had to 'resort' to online dating - but now, both Nate and I are comfortable with the fact that our busy careers, kids, life in general made meeting new people difficult.

So online dating it became.

After rereading our early correspondences recently, I see that Nate described himself exactly as he was and the man that he knew he was becoming.

Nathan from St. Albans described himself as a person that loved his job, his kids and his family. He even mentioned in an early email that he was never late for work and never late to pick up his boys. That may have sealed the deal. Who knew that Nathan from St. Albans would also grow to love Elizabeth as his own and to teach me more about kindness and committment than I have ever known.

He is also quite the handy man. Bonus Points.