Friday, March 9, 2012

ahhhh.... a sunny Friday

It's been a long week. Work for a couple of days has been crazy busy as I try to fit everything into a few days in the office. Elizabeth's schedule of school, homework, dance and projects seem never ending. Several busy evenings with the boys to do homework, to read books and to play outside. Nate spending several days packing and trying to finish up all loose ends has been full of stress and sadness.

Yet, it's now Friday and the sun has come out again.

The four of us came home, Chance immediately grabbed my phone to play a game, Elizabeth went upstairs to put away her school things and Jake grabbed a book and began to read it on the couch. And I sat down just to take it all in.... in the sunshine.

Things that I am not looking at...

the construction mess in the kitchen

the pile of shoes by the door

the jackets all left on the couch

last night's popcorn bowl still out

or the two days of newspapers unopened

Instead I choose to relax in the Friday sunshine.