Monday, August 20, 2012

I've poured out my bucket list this summer

I had to either pour out my bucket list or simply allow it to run over.
The things that I have checked off this summer are somewhat humbling and somewhat ridiculous.

- remodeled a kitchen (with the help of wes and louie
- vacationed without kids (perfect sandy beaches with just the hubs)
- ate musssels in white wine sause (just because julie from california did)
- started running (working toward my first 5K soon)
- completed chapter 2, twice (only to be back to revising it)
- danced the salsa with elizabeth (everyday)
- brought a dog into our family (named ripley and already has my heart)
- wrote letters to afganistan on a daily (actually not daily, maybe weekly) basis
- fell in love with an espresso martini
- listened to jake emerge as a reader (that simply makes me smile)
- fix a wing on a lego airplane (chance said that I did it completely wrong, but the wing lasted)
- danced with rod stewart (actually with missy, carol and chaela, but we were in the same field)
- watched elizabeth put together a front porch swing (I thank her each time I hear it squeak)
- started playing tennis again (with the wall at St. Albans high school)
- grew enough tomato plants to be able to pick at least one tomato each day
- did not teach a summer class which was high on the bucket list
- broke an iphone (front and back)
- welcomed home my best friend from a deployment