Monday, November 25, 2013

our level of 'finished'

Nate and I are quite the team of beginning a project.  
Having lived in our house now, exactly a year, we have come A  Long Long Way!
Yet, to actually 'official' finish a job takes A Long Long Time!

Exhibit A.  The office.

One year ago there were burgundy curtain toppers to match the Lighthouse Border.  Along with this truly touch of class, came indoor/outdoor carpet.  

Exhibit B.  The timeline.

July:  Remove carpet to live with exposed plywood flooring
September:  Remove border to see two different paint colors
October:  Wipe down the walls in anticipation of painting (a month later)
November:  Paint the room gray and add cork flooring
December, cross our fingers:  finish molding and trim work

Looks finished until you look closer!  blue painters tape for trim, transition strips, molding, curtains, aargh

Monday, November 18, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

to follow or not to follow

This morning I realized how easy it was to 'not follow' someone on Facebook.
Unfortunately, I may use that procedure to 'not follow' more than I originally intended. 
I truly want to hear what is going on in my friends and families lives -
yet I don't want to hear all of the negative drama.  
Making of list of what I love to view and share on Facebook...
-pictures of kids in Halloween costumes
-birthday candles and well wishes
-a health difficulty
-a slightly inappropriate ecard
-football scores from the Friday night game
-a celebratory announcement
-a book or movie review
-a funny video of a kitten and dog playing

Sorry - but Facebook isn't the best venue to solicit more chaos and drama from me.   

Friday, November 15, 2013


The hospital near our house is building a new cancer center.    
The building is replacing the long forgotten empty parking lot that once housed our beloved Watt Powell Park.   That baseball field was one of the first things that I remember our family doing together, that involved 'tickets and planning and such.'    Mom worked for Blue Cross at the time, so we would get free tickets to many of the games each year.   Dad would take us and he would watch the game more seriously than the game ever intended.  
The organ player who rallied us with live cheers. 
The trains amazed us with its whistle of warning.
The traffic of MacCorkle Ave had us running to the back of the stands.

But now we welcome a new cancer center in that same spot.  Something of hope and encouragement.  
One of the supporting beams for the center was available for  public signatures.

I am happy to have this memories of Watt Powell and the future of the Cancer Center.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

ahhhh welcome back

I have missed you sweet blog.  
Your kind and forgiving blank white screen would call to me, yet I stayed away.  
I promise to keep in touch better.   Pinky Swear!