Monday, November 25, 2013

our level of 'finished'

Nate and I are quite the team of beginning a project.  
Having lived in our house now, exactly a year, we have come A  Long Long Way!
Yet, to actually 'official' finish a job takes A Long Long Time!

Exhibit A.  The office.

One year ago there were burgundy curtain toppers to match the Lighthouse Border.  Along with this truly touch of class, came indoor/outdoor carpet.  

Exhibit B.  The timeline.

July:  Remove carpet to live with exposed plywood flooring
September:  Remove border to see two different paint colors
October:  Wipe down the walls in anticipation of painting (a month later)
November:  Paint the room gray and add cork flooring
December, cross our fingers:  finish molding and trim work

Looks finished until you look closer!  blue painters tape for trim, transition strips, molding, curtains, aargh