Thursday, February 28, 2013

grocery thursday

While in Krogers this morning (with reusable bags and coupon binder mind you)
I made a startling observation of my shopping habits....
I buy healthier food items when I go shopping in the morning.

Anytime before the hustle of traffic and emails - I am hopeful and full of energy.  I imagine that the grocery store food is there, simply for me to enjoy.  I linger in the produce area just enough time to touch as many oranges and celery stalks that it takes to make the restocking employee feel uncomfortable.   The organic section calls my name to tempt me to buy fun snacks for the kid that are still healthy.   In the day, right before I have to work or take care of other responsibilities, the cereal aisle reminds me of the amazing amount of choices that I have.  The time spent in the baking lane allures me with walnuts and flour and tubs of prepared icing. 

Maybe pre8am shopping isnt for everyone, but I see a startling difference in my post 6 pm shopping trips.   For those late shopping trips - There is longing for comfort food to soothe away the stress of a dissertation obligation, cheese to satisfy the palate of richness, and chips to encourage my appetite for a beer.  

As for me - I will choose the time when the birds are singing - inviting me into Krogers so that cashier #42 Tom is ok with coupons, reusable bags and the water that I still need to pay for that is half gone.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If you get into trouble....

If you get into trouble at the Allenger/Epling household -
you will always first loose your phone privileges.
You will then loose all electronics and trips to the mall.
But our speciality is a chore list that must be completed. 
This chore list is 2/3 punitive and 1/3 kinda funny.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waiting for the sun to return

Another day, at home working to finish chapter 2 -
I am wondering where the sun has escaped to. 
Did it travel south to honor to retirees?
Did it travel to the north to celebrate with the polar bears?

Well - I am making a personal invitation right now.

Dear Sun, I have missed you. 
I understand that I have frequently taken you for granted, and even fussed at the heat.
But I take it all back - I will only be appreciative. 
I promise if only you will return soon.  
I am the house with the Yellow Ribbon tied around the front tree.
with love and optimism,