Sunday, March 4, 2012

August 12, 2012

Things to Do Checklist

_____ Get Elizabeth high school backpack or whatever a high schooler carries
_____ Help Nate unpack his deployment bag - put the camo away with a smile
_____ Water tomato plants the kids planted
_____ Crazy celebrate my doctorate with friends and family
_____ Look for new house with the hubs
_____ find Chance a WV map, since 4th grade is WV studies
_____ pick up E fromSt Francis where she is volunteering
_____ Get Jake new school jeans because he has grown so much over the summer
_____ pack up the rental we are in since we sold our house so fast in April
_____ remind the kids to wear sun screen
_____ iron the Elevator shirts because Nate is back on the job
_____ finish my syllabi for the fall semester
_____ camp gear ready for our first summer camp out
_____ love first, ask questions later