Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just as described

Nate and I meet... wait for it.... ONLINE in October of 2008.

I used to be embarrassed that I had to 'resort' to online dating - but now, both Nate and I are comfortable with the fact that our busy careers, kids, life in general made meeting new people difficult.

So online dating it became.

After rereading our early correspondences recently, I see that Nate described himself exactly as he was and the man that he knew he was becoming.

Nathan from St. Albans described himself as a person that loved his job, his kids and his family. He even mentioned in an early email that he was never late for work and never late to pick up his boys. That may have sealed the deal. Who knew that Nathan from St. Albans would also grow to love Elizabeth as his own and to teach me more about kindness and committment than I have ever known.

He is also quite the handy man. Bonus Points.