Wednesday, February 29, 2012

week of 'last time' for a while #3

We are on a countdown now of not months or weeks - but days.

Jake and Chance came home with us last night and it was so fun because it being so unexpected.

Monopoly. Jumping in Leaves. Chalkwriting. Cat chasing.

Then as an even bigger surprise, the boys got to spend the night.

Books with flashlights. Pajamas that hug their cute little bods. Hugs with us all.

Nate's recent Food Revolution has brought about changes with the boy's food too.

He is focusing on life long food choices that will begin to expose them to new foods, healthier whole foods, and as many plant based decisions that can be squeezed onto one plate.

Nate and the boys actually ate breakfast at home, a wholesome balance of yummy and nutrious, instead of them going to school and eating simple sugars with extra carbohydrates on the side, to become a sugar. I am very proud of the choices that our family are making - as a family.

So, in the remaining days full of XOXOXOX - always in private,

I look forward, always forward to August.