Friday, April 22, 2011

a big week of logistics

I am 40 ish and have never had a will. There have been no provisions for my finances, my home, and most importantly my daughter. The thing that I love the most - I have made no arrangements for, if in the event that I shall pass on before she is an adult.

So, to remedy this oversight - Nate and I have been changing beneficiaries and updating wills. Its all a big decision and yet hopefully none of our decisions will ever need come to fruition. Yet, we have signed, given blood, notarized, spit, and seconded all of the necessary forms to be sure that our children and our loves are taken care of.

I realize that my chance of dying is 100% but I pray to any god or spirit that is lizstening to at least give to me until our children are old enough for all of this custody/and will stuff doesn't matter. Allow me to love their tender hearts and to nourish their growth until I am old and gray.

Notarized and approved by Mindy S. Allenger