Friday, April 29, 2011


I have been making a conscious effort to be more deeply connected to the kids.
I am very good at managing, fixing, arranging, creating, - those things they would agree.
Yet, my desire to be very good at listening, loving, looking, and feeling deeply - those, I am not always sure they would agree.
I want to spend my evenings looking deeply into their eyes as they tell me stories. I want to touch their hand with full presence as they walk with me. I want to smell their sweet kid scent and treasure that as I inhale deeply and slowly release the concerns or thoughts of anything that is not deep and loving.

One night a few days back, I was tucking Elizabeth into bed. A recently added ritual that we had dropped a few years back. Anyways, so I am kinda making a little sweet game of tucking her covers in all around her, as if a mummy being taken to her final shrouding.

She looked up at me gently.
E: Mom, you are warm.
M: Thanks babe.
E: I don't mean your body is warm, You are warm.