Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Demonstration

I had the privilege to teach the 3, 4, and 5 year old class today at Unity.

How do you explain that today is a day of celebration beyond bunnies and candy?

How do I convey that life and renewal is possible, even after being driven through the city beaten and spat upon? How do I share that life emerges even after hanging on the sacrificial cross till death frees the body of bondage. Instead I teach the hope that is

The Great Demonstration.

Today is a day of rebirth and renewal. It symbolizes to me that all is possible.

after a long dark night - morning does come

a week of planning and packing - emerges as a great week of camping

bearing a long difficult relationship - reminds there is love once again

through the winter - spring still arrives

waiting through the rain showers - flowers bloom

death in a cave of several days - rebirth is possible

the body that is dead until Jesus can arrive - rises and walks again

an evening of household chaos - relaxes into a blissful night of sleep

an extended family that is distant - a new loving friend's family fulfills that need

No matter what - the divine lives within us all and everything good is possible.

That is spring and Easter.... all is possible in love and the rebirth.