Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Nate - on your day off...

"Dear Nate,
I understand that you have a day off from work? Hmmmm.
Are there no elevators that require your lovin? again, Hmmmmm.
Well, there are a few things that are calling your name outside..... "

"The fire pit needs moved and the gathered wood needs to dry out."

"The bulbs for our porch need replacing after the storms... because it is hard to have an impromptu guitar jam session without lights, so that the chord cheat sheets are too dark to use."

"But leave the purple ground cover that is attracting all of the bees, though it scares the kids - we need bees to pollinate our food resources (hippy ish I know)."

"Yes, Nate - I know... these look like it should be weeded out but I promise they will have pink blooms in about a week."

"Ok...I do understand that many consider these darling little daisies to be weeds, but just look at them! Plllllleeeaassee don't spray them with Roundup!"

" The plants, the grass, and even the weeds love the tender touch of your hands hands callused from hard work that helps to brighten our little patch of Nature."

" Oh PS..... Please trim sooo carefully around the yellow iris'. I know, I know they are much too delicate for our backyard, but I love them so trim carefully."