Friday, March 25, 2011

these things I know

These things I know today....

- cottage cheese taste better with peaches on top

- the last few cold days of spring are the hardest to bear

- the remote is always lost when I am most tired and just want to watch tv

- Missy ordering porkchops just to be sent home with me is heavenly leftovers

- two little fellas starting baseball tomorrow is all American

- reminder that I am to marry in 8 days is delightful

- hugging Harry after a month of missing him tonight was worth the wait

- white wine is the only wine to be enjoyed with popcorn

- the purple crocus reminding me to just hold on for warm weather does help

- seeing Nate carry a chair for another woman makes my heart warm with his chilvary

- making up the guest bed for Julie would have been easier had I not been skipping and whistling

- our home feels warm with lots o'kids packed in