Thursday, March 14, 2013

she didnt get that from us....

Elizabeth is at the age, 14.8 years old, that she is making many of her own decisions, withi boundaries of course.
With this new turn of freedom, she is more mature and centered then I have ever been.
Oh, she is still silly and fun and fearless, but beginning to make decisons that clearly demonstrate her prinicples and inner strength. 

She has recently started dating and this has opened up a whole new conversation.   With boys that like her, she holds all the cards.   She decides when they see each other, when they hold hands during the school day,and when it is time for the break up.

Where did she get this confidence?   Nate and I both agree that we were usually not the decision makers in the relationships.  In high school we were just happy to have someone that liked us.    So this confidence that she exhibits is beyond our comprehension.  

Elizbeth is now currently courting a new fella.   Nate and I anxiously ask.... are you guys dating or are you making plans to see one another over the weekend....  Her answer is, "I don't really know him  well enough to committ to seeing him over the wekend."
Who is this cute, confident little bundle of hormones?  
She didn't get  that relationship confidence from us.
I am constantly learning from her and wondering how differently my life would have been if I had deemed myself worthy of waiting until it all was my decsion and my comfort level.

I hope Jake and Chance see Elizabeth's example and learn from that.