Monday, March 11, 2013

it's all about balance

It seems so hard sometimes to figure out the perfect balance of my life. Often I am so lop-sided toward my work, that Nate and Elizabeth begin to show the signs of negative.... whiny, needy, and only comforted by quality time together. 
Or often I focus too much our family and friendships and my writing suffers.  Even with 24 set hours per day, I feel like I am always stretched too thinly and long for more time. 
As a child I wished only for the day to pass and for me to get to become an adult.  Time was slower and my needs were tangible.   The longing for my own bottle of 'pop', my own room so that didn't have to see my brother or sister, or my own jeans that matched the rest of my friends.
A few days ago, while driving the boys to their school, the song"Wish I had a Wish right now."  I asked Jake what would he wish for, and he only wished to be picked up at school right at the dismissal bell, to be a 'Walker.'    
So instead of wishing for the unattainable - to have more minutes in my day - I am going to wish for more serenity in my choices for those minutes.   When I start to lean to heavily on one side of my life (career, house, friends, family, etc) - I will aim to move back toward the middle to achieve a balance.  A happy middle is my wish.