Tuesday, May 8, 2012

things to do while bored at work

Dear Nate,
I have to be honest with you here on this public venue.
You are bored at work - therefore you must continue to read this blog, even if its painful.
We all know that you must keep busy. Its just you, you must have a busy gene.
I was walking with our neighbor Kathi while expressing my sentiment that it seemed like you and I were always busy and on a 'mission' at our last house, so we wanted to spend more quality time relaxing. She kindly replied, that she thought we were simply 'missionaries' and wanted to just stay too busy.
But now I fully understand - that being busy and productive Nate is your method of operation.
So now that your time in Afganistan is winding up - it is imperative that you continue to be productive.

Being the good wife that I am, I will tell you what to do as you fill your final few days in paradise.
- master all levels of Angry Birds with at least 2 stars
- describe to Harry the time you saw the new Bachelorette at a bar in Logan
- text your mom good morning
- write a thank you note to Ace Hardware for loading up your repaired lawnmower for your wimpy wife
- text paul, his feelings are hurt that the letter he sent to you was returned to sender
- sign up for a few days in August & September to teach Sunday School
- Facetime the boys later today and sing.... 'shake my sillies out'
- say a prayer for elizabeth's high fever
- drink a glass of water every hour
- go back to this blog and reread your favorite blog, when you asked me to marry you
- look at Ft Lauderdale water sports
- do lots of situps, even at work, tone those abs
- repeat the prayer of protection with heart felt emotion, even when you doubt
- send a little drawing to the boys, as a surprise for them to get in a few weeks
- get your fill of the landscape there , as it will be your last time you ever, ever, ever see it