Saturday, May 19, 2012

my first argument with someone in Kuwait

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.
Nate and I had our first long distance argument.  Some people may think that it should all be about him since he is away and in a dangerous country.   But, no - it's still all about me!   smiles
We argued about him not texting me in the morning.  Very serious stuff I know. 
I want to wake up EVERY morning with a sweet text on my phone, just waiting to make my day. 
I realize that he is so busy with working 12 hours then a few more for meetings each day.  He is working out every day - squeezed around a few meals and a few hours to sleep.   
But I still want a morning text. every. single. morning.   

So, he quickly apologized and here was my morning text today..
" Good Morning Beautiful!!  I just woke up.  You're still the first thought on my mind.  
 ILOVEYOU like crazy, with no spaces."

Nice - I love when he sees that keeping me happy is really just  keeping him happy.