Monday, May 21, 2012

rainbows and roses

The love that continues to grow each day between step-dad and step-daughter is a source of constant fascination and celebration.  There is something so inherently deep between them that I cannot help to thank God every day for bringing Nate into her life.  
He shows that he loves her by simply choosing to be a friend and parent day in and day out.   The good days and the bad, he is there - dependable as a rock. 

It is not always rainbows and roses at our house.  Instead there is a lot of real life that consist of:
"Who left their shoes in front of the door again?"
"It's someone's job to empty this dishwasher."
"Jake is only 5, give him a break."
"You can't bring down two weeks of dirty clothes then expect it all clean in an hour."
"Stop aggravating the cats!"
"Are your chores (homework, catbox, dishes, etc) done?"

But many days it is all rainbows and roses.  Our real life often does consist of:
dancing in the kitchen
making jokes just to make one another laugh
working together to get a hard job done
drawing together at the kitchen table
after school pick ups and drop offs
patience in explaining difficult topics
saying positive things to each other with a genuine heart

I am quite lucky to have it all - the fussing and the fun!!