Friday, April 20, 2012


Define blended:
(verb) Mix different types of the same substance together so as to make a product of the desired quality.

I am constantly seeking to understand the term "blended family" as it relates to us.
By definition, we are each different but of the same substance, I get that all too clearly as we bend and mold because of how different we are at times. All five of us have our own history, our own thoughts, feelings, and ways of communicating with the world around us.
Yet, we all seek to make a product of desired quality. We are aiming to create that family for love and kindness that will forever nurture us through the good times and rough patches. Our desired product isn't to just make it through the day, instead we are aiming for a desired quality.
What are our family goals that are a quality to sustain us?
kindness to one another, sharing all that we have, laughter and giggles, overlooking annoyances, time together, and the deep secure feeling that we are in this for the long haul.
Blended is allowing us each to remain as an individiual body and spirit - yet to create something even more beautiful together.
The whole is greater than the parts.