Sunday, April 22, 2012

of the 'JACKPOT' variety

Anyone that knows me well, hears me say, "Jackpot' frequently. It can be something of little importance (ie, "Jackpot, I got a close parking spot" or "Jackpot, I have an extra soda in the little fridge at work." ) to the more important topics, (ie, "Jackpot, Nate is moving to another base in 17 days!" or "Jackpot, Missy is coming to St. Smellbans for a quick visit.")

So... here's my list of recent "Jackpot!"

- Jackpot, I think I have hit the morning newspaper jackpot. Our new St. Albans paper carrier actually comes onto the front porch and places it right in front of my door. That is amazing and deserves a Jackpot with a capital J. I actually have a difficult time opening the front door sometimes because the newspaper is so close to my door. Yeah, I know - its a jackpot with complications.

-Jackpot, My neighbor, Rebecca is a fun and sweet. She aint no Kathi Reed, but still an amazing jackpot that makes me like St. Smellbans much more than before.

- Jackpot, I am raisin' an amazin' daughter. Just earlier in the day, I bought some spray tanner for my white, white legs. Later that evening while playing badaminton - I asked E if she wanted me to spray her legs. She said yes, "With OFF bug spray right?" I said "No the self tanner," and she was appalled that I would even think she would want that. Jackpot, she is so grounded (unlike her mother).

-Jackpot, Nate has this eyebrow thing that makes him move his eyebrows with each thought for emphasis or question. It is adorable and hilarious. Its a jackpot and it makes him more adorable!

- Jackpot, I painted the porch AND deck before it started to rain.

-Jackpot, that the boys still had some White Wheat break left, and it would surely go bad before they are back to eat it... so I have to eat it! Carb Jackpot!

- Jackpot in a BIG way, E and I are going to CHICAGO in ONE week. But to make the jackpot even sweeter, CATS, the touring BROADWAY show will be there The. Week. We. Are. There. Get out- Jackpot is bursting.

-Jackpot, my friend Karen H in North Carolina emailed me about a week ago and said that she occasionally would drop in to this blog to see what was going on with our fam. Oops , I hadn't written anything in months, so that little email from a good friend got me back on the Bloggin Wagon! Jackpot for good friends that care!

- An unspoken jackpot has come into my life, will post in an entire blog post itself, but trying to gather a few good picts before I share, its that big. Jackpots can be whispered under your breath so that no one even has to know how your heart is bursting from a secret jackpot.

- Jackpot for summer time. I have one particular spot that I write from, and through the winter I could see a Go Mart station in the distance.... Now instead, I look through the beautiful blooms of a lilac bush to a mightly oak tree that is full of healthy life. Ahhh, that is a Jackpot.

- Jackpot that E and I both like bean burgers and corn on the cob for dinner. I fixed her dinner on Saturday evening and she fixed me Cindy's recipe of stirfry mushrooms and zucchini on Friday evening! Yum for two gals that like to still eat dinner together over from beans and veggies.

- Jackpot, Nate got to FACETIME with me while I had Jake home sick from school. So Jake comes up and snuggles on my lap and reads the whole time I am talking to Nate. Couldn't have been a sweeter and happier Jackpot for Dad and Son right then.