Saturday, June 4, 2011

while I wasn't looking, somehow I found you - carly simon

I truly look at Elizabeth sometimes and have to wonder, who is this kid and where did she come from. She is like a magically combination of silly, wonderful, and thoughtful. With the end of another school year, I feel myself falling in love with her all over again.

When I saw her little red face, 13 years ago - my heart was so full of love for her that it was simply overwhelming. I think that I cried for much of her first hour of life. The tears were of love and a feeling of responsiblity to do whatever I could to make her a meaningful member of our lives and community. Her dad and I both tried to raise someone that was kind, gentle and smart. We weren't looking for her to always be happy - by seldom over indulging and never seeking to overtly entertain her. Instead we sought for her to enjoy each moment, whether she was bored, aggravated, or content.

A few things from her lately....
-Elizabeth had just finished her latest read, "I am David," and asked if I had another recommended read for her. She then goes on to tell me that she didn't use to like the books that I recommended, but now she does.
-As she was packing for her Kings Island trip, she packed her phone into her "fanny pack" (seriously, she did take a fanny pack) and she said that she would stay in contact with me through the day.... guess how many messages I received?? thats right , none! smiles
-Jake and I went to pick her up after majorette practice and she proudly introduced him to everyone as 'her brother.' ahhhh
-Elizabeth started reading a book that she had once started a few years ago. Well, in the book she found an old bookmark where she had written all of the words from the book that she didn't know. She so proudly exclaimed that she knew all of those words now!
- E just got her report card yesterday and she had SIX A's, ONE B, and ONE C. After congratulating and celebrating all of the A's... I asked her about the constant C that she has earned in Algebra. She quickly reminded me that, "as long as I try my hardest, a C is ok." arrgh, I hate when my own words come back to bite me!
- As soon as Nate comes home every evening (or every weekend), she is so happy and ready to be entertained by him. Her laughing and joking just endears us to her over and over.
- E texted her grandmother yesterday and asked if she could come down and visit her for a few days. The first few days of her summer vacation, and Elizabeth wanted to see her Gram.
- Elizabeth still likes us to tuck her into bed. Nate that assures me that as long as we do that, she will stay a little girl and not grow up while we aren't watching. She will close her eyes while we are tucking her in or rubbing her back and I can tell that she is happy and secure.

This new honeymoon of love for her may only last for a day - until she rolls her eyes at my request, or leaves her shoes on the stairs, or doesn't want to sit in the back seat, or changes the radio station the second she gets into the car, or begs me to fix her cereal because the milks too heavy ... but until then and even after - she will always be one of the very best things that has ever happened in my life.