Monday, June 6, 2011

and he said it couldn't be done.....

Approximately 4 months ago, I expressed some displeasure at ALWAYS being the one family member that had to create and make dinner. It was beginning to feel less like a loving way to nourish my family than a burden of, "I'm hungry and I want you to feed me." Elizabeth, Nate and I created a schedule that included Elizabeth cooking for us one day a week. ONE day a week, and you have thought we called her Cinderella and was expecting a banquet at each meal for the rest of our lives. Needless to say that she despide it and we dreaded eating the food that was prepared with such venom.

I knew though that not asking her to contribute to the family meals and not teaching her how to cook was a disservice to my committment to raise an independent girl. Also, she seemed awfully happy with us fixing her meals which made me want her to be a bit less happy.

I created the challenge that she had to learn a new recipe or dish each week of the summer. That meant 8 dishes over 8 weeks. Nate said, "It can't be done!" I doubted myself too. But to teach her to cook somewhat and to prove him wrong - I was now determined.

After browsing at Borders for a beginner cookbook - I found this.... perfect.

She has now tabbed the 8 recipes (no more no less) that she will be fixing over the summer and started TODAY , the FIRST day of summer vacation!

Told ya Nate, I could do it! smiles