Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh my....

Elizabeth and I arrived home around 7:30 last night to greet Nate and the boys playing here in the living room. From there on - the feeling was "oh my!" Chance could not have been more loving and sweet than he was last night. Oh my, he stroked my hair as we played the computer game together. Oh my, he sat on my lap to eat his snack last night. Oh my, he layed with Nate and watch a little tv. Oh my, he put my arm around him while all of us sat on the couch.
The "oh my" is overwheming, but just this week I had worked it up in my head to give him some space. I know (thought at best) that the upcoming marriage, the stress of his 2nd grade, trouble at home, anything .... actually I didn't know anything. I could only see Chance seemingly wanting to pull away from me and to hurt my feelings to do so. I have gone through it with Elizabeth before, "Just give them time and unconditional love and it will all work out." Well, once again I was wrong and love was right. Thank God. Because he wanted me more last night think he ever has. He even said, "I can't wait till we go camping this summer." which is a huge, ALL family, ALL weekend kind of thing (aka, no phones and no video games).
Oh my, I have Chance back!