Tuesday, May 14, 2013

a passing prayer

At least once a day, rain or shine,  - Ripley and I head out to breath the fresh air for me and to burn some crazy puppy energy for her.  While the pleasant homes, manicured gardens and other walkers are all so enjoyable to walk past, we opt for a diversion on the last 4 blocks toward home.

We leave the river view and head past the hospital.   There we encounter too many cars, piles of cigarette butts, stinky city buses, and overflowing trash cans. 

However, this route gives us an opportunty to send love to the patients who are worried, the nurses who are overworked, the doctors expertise and the family mmbers that are frequently just waiting for good news.  
People smile, just seeing Ripley - maybe that smile ease the worry lines.  

I feel incapable of praying right now - but Ripley and I do send love and energy into the hospital everyday.