Wednesday, May 4, 2011

top 10 reasons

Top Ten Reasons that I wish

"Julie from California" was

"Julie from Charleston."

10. Julie chats with Elizabeth that makes E feels like she has something important to say.

9. E and I could have hugged Hannah on her birthday a few days ago.

8. Julie is smart, pretty, interesting, and always up for an adventure!

7. Julie is inspiring me to be meat free again. Our friend Marceen was the first vegetarian that I had ever met, so now that Julie is going in that direction.... hmmmm

6. Julie can read a poem with such emotion as if she actually wrote it.

5. She has long brown hair too, thank goodness Bob likes that too.

4. Julie makes me laugh, almost nonstop. I am truly so happy around her.

3. Viv and E would play little polly pockets well into the night while Julie and I hang out.

2. Nate now understands why he will have to buy me a plane ticket to CA every year.

1. I have learned how to be a friend from Julie - circa 1996.